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What is EPIC PRO?

DiSC Learning Solutions offers you the benefit of personalized customer service and support rarely found elsewhere - our EPIC PRO DiSC Services. This is our "managed DiSC report" service.

In today’s non-stop, 24/7 world, many potential DiSC users have been prevented from using the DiSC system to its fullest - denying their organization the benefits of one of the finest management assessment systems available - because they lack the time to administer the program or they don't do it often enough to be fully aware of all of the features. To address this problem, we developed an entirely unique process to help executives and managers use the DiSC system as quickly and efficiently as possible through our EPIC PRO services. This allows learning professionals and managers to delegate the administration of the assessments to our team, which accomplishes maximum return on their DiSC program all with minimum time investment.

Simply purchase the number of EPIC PRO Option DiSC Assessments you need below and we will handle the administration for you.

What happens when I purchase DiSC EPIC PRO services?

Within one business day, our Client Support Team will reach out to you and collect project specifics such as when you'd like the assessments sent out, if you want your participants to immediately view their reports, the email addresses of your participants and other key details. At this time, we will coordinate with you when to begin the assessments and begin to contact your team to alert them that the assessments are on the way.

We will then follow up with the participants for you and get all of the assessments completed by your team. We will report to you that the assessments are complete and will help you take the next steps. It's like having your own Training Coordinator handle the process for you. Your DiSC questions are answered and advice is given on which assessment should be taken next to maximize the benefits of the assessments for your team. And if you want to have the invaluable information contained in the Group Reports and Comparison Reports, she will help you with that process as well.

Choose the Everything DiSC or Five Behaviors profile that best meets your needs, Select the "EPIC PRO Services" Option, adjust the quantity needed (one per person), then Add to Cart.

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4 of 4 Items