Starter Set: Need Tags Variety Pack


Starter Set: Need Tags Variety Pack

Reusable magnetic Need Tags are a great way to allow each person wearing them to express their Behavioral Needs in a visual manner.

Sold in pack of 12.

Receive one each of the following: Accuracy, Action, Challenge, Coffee, Chocolate, Collaboration, Enthusiasm, Happy Hour, Results, Stability, Support and to be a Star.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your colleagues had their needs written all over them?

The Everything DiSC® Need Tags engage your participants to express their DiSC style and immediate needs through behaviors that they prioritize.

Wearing these tags allows others to practice and sharpen their people reading skills per the DiSC Theory.


They’re an enjoyable way to understand others' priorities and preferences; allowing interactions with them towards those preferences and priorities. (Interaction flexing)

This will also sharpen the wearers understanding of their own preferences and how shariang this information with others makes interactions easier.

Used in facilitation settings or as a community effort to expand DiSC in an organization's culture, Everything DiSC Need Tags are an engaging, affordable and memorable way to maximize your investment in the DiSC Theory and application within your organization.