When should you take DiSC Assessments?

DiSC assessments are excellent tools for improving your people skills, communication skills and overall emotional intelligence and Personal Excellence.  Depending on the profession you are in, you can gain specific benefits from learning about DiSC and taking our assessments.  For example, using the Everything DiSC Management assessment, managers and supervisors first learn about the “people operating system” known as DiSC.  This helps them not only understand the basic behavioral styles of the people that report to them, but it also helps them learn how to recognize these styles in action.  The Everything DiSC Management report gives managers specific feedback about the influence of their DiSC style tendencies on how they direct employees, delegate work to them, develop them and create a motivating environment.  It gives specific tips and strategies for being flexible and adapting their behavior to employees and associates based on their DiSC Styles.  Finally, it provides strategies for “Managing Up” and influencing their own manager based on the boss’ DiSC style.

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