DISC Personality Test Explained

DISC Learning Solutions - DiSC Personality Test Explained

"Do you have the DISC personality test?"

It's a common question we get from new customers.

After saying, "Yes, we are an authorized distributor of the Everything DiSC® family of products," we mention that we prefer to call it the DISC personality assessment versus a the DISC personality test. 

Why? Isn't "DISC Personality Test" the same as "DISC Personality Assessment"?

Not really. A test implies that there are right and wrong answers and test-takers who pass and those who fail. And that's not what Everything DiSC is all about.

The DISC model has been used for decades to help people understand themselves and others. It measures four basic behavior styles: D for Dominance, I for Influence, S for Steadiness, and C for Conscientiousness. 

Everyone is a blend of all four DiSC styles. Unlike many personality tests, there is no perfect result or DISC style. Each person has a unique behavioral profile with different styles and priorities—no one style better or worse than the next. We believe that these differences in style can be extremely valuable. Once you assess these differences and harness their value, you are on the road to better workplace communication and healthier organizational culture. 

So don't tell your employees that you want them to take the DISC personality test. We don't want them to worry or feel anxious. Learning about your DISC style is fun. And learning about your colleagues' DISC style is extremely enlightening. 

Where should you start? Our "Which Everything DiSC Assessment Should We Use?" page provides a brief overview of the various assessments and learning applications. Our flagship product Everything DiSC Workplace is ideal for new customers who are looking to help all their employee develop stronger relationships at work.