Workplace Disrupted: Are your people struggling in the hybrid workplace? Performance and productivity may suffer without flexibility, support, and ongoing development from your organization.
Get to know Everything DiSC -- the solution to workplace conflicts, disruption, instability, and poor productivity.

Grounded in Over 40 Years of Research and Assessment Innovation

Everything DiSC Delivers Insights and Strategies That...

Everything DisC helps all employees better understand themselves and their co-workers.
Everything DiSC helps teams develop by engaging in healthy conflict and productive collaboration.
Everything DiSC helps you build a strong organizational culture that cultivates trust, resilience, and engagement.

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The New Catalyst Platform Takes Your Everything DiSC Solutions to the Next Level

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DISC Learning Solutions can help you clarify your people problem.
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DISC Learning Solutions provides several flexible purchasing options for you to choose from.

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Set up an Administrative Account by purchasing an EPIC account and EPIC credits.

Set Up an Administrative Account -

Purchase an EPIC Account & Credits

  • Ideal for ongoing programs, multiple profiles for individuals or groups, and organization-wide roll outs
  • Full administrative control and flexibility
  • Includes access to supplemental reports for facilitators and group reports
  • Access Catalyst-enabled assessments
Or purchase individual Everything DiSC profiles if you want the self-service choice.

Choose Your Solution - Purchase Profiles

  • Ideal for one-time, single profile use with individuals or small groups
  • The self-service, do-it-yourself choice
  • Simple administration — we provide access code, you provide code to participant
  • Participant automatically gains access to profile after completing assessment
Strapped for time and/or resources? Add EPIC Pro Services from DISC Learning Solutions.

Add EPIC Pro Services - We'll do it for you!

  • Ideal for organizations with limited time and support staff
  • Includes project management with phone and email support from an expert administrator
  • Includes access to supplemental reports for facilitators and group reports
  • Access Catalyst-enabled assessments

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