Why Us?

DISC Learning Solutions - Why Us?

DiSCLearningSolutions.com is the best place for Facilitators and Talent Development Professionals to buy DiSC products.


Founded by Sharon Wingron, CPTD a thought leader in the learning profession and a recognized DiSC expert. A highly-skilled facilitator herself, Sharon was the first member of the international ATD (formerly ASTD) Board of Directors to achieve the CPTD (formerly CPLP) credential. She is truly the "Learning Professional's Learning Professional" and works to ensure our products and offerings are correct, professional, and focused on applications to achieve organizational performance and business results. We don't want to just sell you DiSC reports, we want to sell you the DiSC reports and resources that will help you best achieve your Talent Development and organizational goals.


Our Mission

DevelopPEOPLE and DiSCLearningSolutions.com provides services and products that develop and improve your Personal Effectiveness to achieve your Organization's Performance goals through enhancing your Leadership Excellence. For more on how we do this, please visit New to DiSC? and Benefits of DiSC.

Our History

DevelopPEOPLE has been a leader in providing DiSC products for over 20 years. Our Founder and President Sharon Wingron, CPTD has personally delivered or supervised training to over 10,000 individuals in that period. She is a Certified Professional in Talent Development the first Everything DiSC Authorized Partner worldwide to achieve this credential. We draw upon her experience to provide you the best opportunity for a successful integration of DiSC into your organization.
DiSCLearningSolutions.com is the best partner to help you implement DiSC into your organizations.
Our Promise

We promise to provide the practical information that will lead to a successful implementation of DiSC into your organization.

We promise excellent customer service to help you in every step of this implementation.

We promise to provide the best value for your DiSC products and projects.

We promise to provide the level of service you need so you can best decide how to maximize your training budget.
Our Founder
Sharon Wingron has a passion for helping people develop themselvesfor their own benefit and the benefit of their company. Both her schooling and her work experience have contributed to a deep understanding of how the mind works and how to help people work together to improve their work environment, reduce stress, and increase the bottom line. This is why she founded DevelopPEOPLEto help organizations achieve their goals through a  better understanding and more effective use of people.
She has over 30 years of staff, line, and consulting experience in diverse industries and environments. But what truly sets Sharon apart is her energy, wit and candor. She is a refreshing, authentic professional who delivers engaging presentations, offers skillful facilitation, and insightful coaching and has access to the most effective tools and resources.

In 2002, Sharon launched her business as an assessment supplier, workplace-learning and performance consultant, facilitator, and coach. The extensive knowledge and experience she has with her assessments and learning tools along with her dynamic personality make for a powerful and successful combination.

Sharon is known as a thought leader in her field. She is St. Louis’ first Certified DiSC Trainer and is a Diamond-level distributor, reflecting the top 1% of the worldwide Wiley Authorized Partner network. She is an established Talent Development Leader and one of the first 250 professionals worldwide to earn the Certified Professional in Talent Develpment (CPTD) designation.

She actively contributes to the Talent Development profession (also known as the Training and Development profession) through extensive involvement in the Association for Talent Development (ATD). She is a retired Director of the National Board of Directors, past Chair of the National Advisors to Chapters (NAC) and Past President of the St. Louis Metropolitan Chapter. Sharon has contributed to several books and also previously served as an Examiner for the Kansas Award for Excellence and the Missouri Quality Award.

Her client list ranges from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses and her work experience spans 18 countries and four continents. A sampling of the companies she has worked with include Anheuser-Busch, Inc., The Boeing Companies, Sanofi-Aventis, Keller Labs, Microsoft and Wells Fargo. She has delivered programs internationally in India, Egypt, Hong Kong and Russia as well as most of the United States. Sharon has an innate ability to build rapport and communicate effectively with people from around the world. 

In 2011, Sharon branded her business, DevelopPEOPLE. Through their work, Sharon and her team enable people to connect, adapt, and thrive through assessment-based solutions that develop their PEOPLE: Personal Excellence - Organizational Performance - Leadership Effectiveness.

Sharon holds an MBA from Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville and a B.S. in Engineering Management with a Psychology minor from the Missouri University of Science & Technology. She has served as an adjunct professor for Washington University in St. Louis and has contributing to numerous books while authoring a chapter in Rising to the Top: A Guide for Success.

Sharon lives in a lake and golf community in the St. Louis, Missouri area. Beyond her professional life, she spends time with her family and friends traveling, trail riding, relaxing, and enjoying life.