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What is the DiSC Assessment? What does DiSC stand for?

DiSC is a behavioral styles model and assessment tool used by more than one million people every year to help improve teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace. If your are wondering what DiSC stands for, those four letters describe four basic behavioral styles:
  • D: Dominance - People with a strong “D” trait are direct and decisive. They love challenges and getting things done. They use their strong will  to shape the environment through overcoming opposition to obtain measurable and specific results. A person whose personality emphasizes dominance will focus on getting immediate results, taking action and the challenge of the activity for self and others.
  • i: Influence - Team members with a strong “i” trait are optimistic and outgoing. They are “people’s people" who love to share ideas, participate as a team member, and encourage other members of the team through their enthusiasm. They shape her environment through persuasion and social intelligence. A desire for social recognition and a fear of disapproval, or of being ignored, are motivators for people with strong"i" tendencies.
  • S: Steadiness - People with strong "S" style are sympathetic, cooperative, and excellent listeners. They are likely to be found working behind the scenes, quietly making things happen in a predictable and steady fashion. They often measures the effort to cooperate with others within environmental factors necessary to carry out a task. While someone who emphasizes this trait will be calm and level-headed, they may have difficulty when forceful action is required.
  • C: Conscientiousness - A team member with a strong “C” trait are often concerned and correct. They will be very engaged in thorough planning, programming and quality control. A person with this dominant trait will be driven by the desire for precision and accuracy in their work.

Everyone is a blend of all four DiSC styles—usually one, two, or even three styles stand out. Unlike many personality tests, there is no perfect result or DiSC style. Each person has a unique behavioral profile with different styles and priorities—no one style better or worse than the next. 

The Assessment

The DiSC Classic® and Everything DiSC® assessments (originally published by Inscape, now part of Wiley) have been used by more than 40 million people around the globe to enhance cooperating and teamwork, improve productivity, and build healthier organizational culture. The assessment is composed of a series of scientifically-formulated questions that give a very accurate description of an individual's strengths, weaknesses and personal management preferences within a short period of time.

DiSC identifies the dominant traits in each team member who takes the assessment. In a non-judgmental fashion, the assessment allows each individual to apply the ancient Greek wisdom, “know thyself.” With self-knowledge comes power of "ah-ha moments" and the ability to adjust patterns of behavior that are self-defeating within particular situations. This may remind you of emotional intelligence training. DiSC is an excellent tool for developing the four aspects of emotional intelligence:

  • self-awareness
  • self-management
  • interpersonal awareness
  • relationship management

So the next time you are wondering "What does DiSC stand for?" remember that it's your go-to assessment for developing interpersonal skills to improve communication and collaboration.

Why Should I Choose Everything DiSC?

With so many generic DISC products available, what set Everything DiSC apart? 

The publishers of Everything DiSC has been researching and analyzing DiSC for over 40 years. In fact, their DiSC® Classic Paper Profile was the first DiSC assessment ever! (You’ll always know it’s our DiSC by our signature lower-cased “i” in DiSC.)

As technology has evolved, DiSC has too. Our online DiSC assessments use the most advanced assessment method (adaptive testing) and sophisticated algorithms to quickly analyze a person’s responses and deliver the most precise feedback possible. The profile translates these assessment results into a personalized narrative that’s both actionable and memorable.

All of our Everything DiSC personality assessments are application-focused, so the feedback is presented to you as a leader, manager, individual contributor, or sales person.

Whether improving working relationships, strengthening management skills, elevating leadership impact, or tackling conflict with a new mindset, Everything DiSC delivers insights and strategies to meet the unique needs of your people and your organizational culture.