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EPIC Accounts & EPIC Credits

EPIC stands for Electronic Profile Information Center. An EPIC Sub-Account is the most efficient way to administer multiple DiSC Assessments for your team. Rather than purchasing and managing individual assessments, an EPIC Online Sub-Account allows you to administer multiple assessments for your whole team at the same time and control who sees and receives which assessments and reports. 

Links to Log in to your EPIC account or to enter your Access Code:

Link to your EPIC Administrator Log in: EPIC Log In

Link to Access Code Log In: Access Code Log In

EPIC Credits are purchased below and used within your EPIC Online Sub-Account to obtain and administer over 40 different types of DiSC Assessments. When you are ready to redeem the credits for a DiSC Project with your team, or even a single assessment, you simply log in and use your credits towards the purchase of the assessment(s).

Purchase Immediately

Control and Flexibility

EPIC Online Sub-Accounts are simple to manage and full of useful features to assist you, including:

  • Easy tools to organize reports by division, training date or any other criteria you choose
  • View, print or email any DiSC report generated
  • Account access features - control who can review reports
  • Credits that never expire
  • Account never expires (no renewal fees)
  • Free ongoing training and support for your EPIC Sub-Account Administrator at no additional cost.
  • Free one hour training session to instruct you in the use of your new EPIC Online Sub-Account.  

Getting Started:

1. Obtain an EPIC Online Sub-Account below. 

Special Offer: Purchase more than 150 EPIC credits below and we will provide you with a free EPIC Online Sub-Account (a $193.50 value) and a free one hour training session that will instruct you in the use of your new Sub-Account. Simply purchase at least 150 EPIC Credits below and do not purchase the EPIC Online Sub-Account. Within 1-2 business days we will send you your username and password to the EPIC Platform along with a request to schedule your one hour training session. 

2. Purchase EPIC Credits: Credits start at $4.30 with volume discounts for large purchases. Assessments vary in the amount of credits needed and range from 10 credits to 100 credits per assessment. Please see our chart below of DiSC Profiles and the credits needed to obtain them.

This table summarizes the credits required for each Everything DiSC Report:




Workplace Profile


Management Profile 25
Sales Profile 25
Work of Leaders 25
Productive Conflict 20
363 for Leaders 50
Group Report 25
Facilitator Report 25
Comparison Report FREE
Supplemental Report FREE
Sales Interaction Map   FREE 
Group Poster 24”x36” PDF FREE
Team View FREE


EPIC Credit Volume Purchasing Schedule, see cart for details:

  • Buy 1 - 249 and pay only $4.30 each
  • Buy 250 - 499 and pay only $4.10 each
  • Buy 500 - 749 and pay only $3.85 each
  • Buy 750 - 999 and pay only $3.75 each
  • Buy 1.000 - 1.499 and pay only $3.65 each
  • Buy 1,500 - 1,999 and pay only $3.55 each
  • Buy 2,000 + and pay only $3.45 each

For quantities of 3,000+, please contact us at 888-871-1780, or by emailing disc@wingsofsuccess.com to discuss your unique situation.