Everything DiSC or DiSC Classic?

Having trouble deciding which DiSC profile to use? There are several differences between the DiSC Classic profile and the Everything DiSC profile. Knowing what these are will help you as a Facilitator, Human Resource Director or Learning Professional to make an informed decision regarding which profile to use.

The DiSC Classic profile is available as a paper assessment or online. It is composed of a 28-item multiple choice assessment. The assessment can be completed in 10 to 15 minutes. Reports based on the findings of the assessment are available both online and as paper reports.

When is this the right profile? If general results are needed, if the facilitator wants to become familiar with the DiSC model, if price is a major consideration, the DiSC Classic profile will provide a team and its leaders with the basic information they need to begin using the DiSC system successfully. It provides a solid introduction to the DiSC model of behavioral styles.

The Everything DiSC line family of profiles are online assessments that requires 15 to 20 minutes to complete. The questions are adaptive which means the computer program that administers the test fine tunes the questions according to answers received to create an exceptionally accurate and personal result. The results are then made available in a customizable fashion to not only the individual and the facilitator, but to team leaders and the team as required for comprehensive analysis and coordination. In addition, specific reports are available based on the Everything DiSC profile that assist with facilitation in multiple organizational applications, such as:

  • Everything DiSC Sales. Assists salespeople to adjust their sales process according to buyer types. Can also be used to improve Customer Service.
  • Everything DiSC Work of Leaders. Ideal for leadership development and executive coaching, this report explains the leadership process of Vision, Alignment and Execution, and provides feedback on participants leadership effectiveness on 18 well-researched key behavioral drivers.
  • Everything DiSC Workplace. Power within a group is generated by teamwork and cooperation, with each individual bringing forth their personal excellence. The Everything DiSC Workplace product assists individuals in identifying their strengths and team leaders and facilitators to help a group of people become a team that can then generate power and production.
  • Everything DiSC Management. This DiSC profile report assists managers manage to more effectively develop solid organizational relationships and get results through developing employees, more effectively directing and delegating, and creating a motivating environment. It also provides key tips on how to “manage up” and influence bosses more effectively.

The Everything DiSC profile is ideal for leaders, facilitators and educators who want fully personalized and customizable on-line results. When it is important to make success a reality, the Everything DiSC profile is the best option.


Everything DiSC


DiSC Classic

  • You have specific parts of your team that need assessments such as the sales, management or leadership teams. You need control over profile comparisons.
  • You'd like to see what DiSC can do for you and your respondents in the simplest readable form.
  • You can provide assessments for people without internet access.
  • Yes
  • Available both online and hard copy
Facilitation Kits
  • Finely tuned specific application facilitation kits available for facilitators.
  • facilitation kit available for facilitators.
Time to Complete
  • 15 - 20 minutes
  • 10 - 15 minutes
Scoring method and visualization
  • Assessment results based on Computerized Adaptive Testing over 30% more accurate than DiSC Classic. Assessment results displayed in the DiSC circle model, easily understood by anyone viewing the graphic.
  • 28 questions only. Results graphed as a standard DiSC graph, best understood in conjunction with interpretation by an expert.