CheckPoint 360°™ Survey


Gain Valuable Insight Into the Effectiveness of Your Leaders and Managers

Organizations rely on the skills and abilities of their managers and leaders to chart a course towards success. To hone those crucial skills and abilities, managers and leaders need an
understanding of their strengths and where they have room to grow. That’s where the CheckPoint 360°™ survey can help. It evaluates the effectiveness of managers and leaders and
provides a personalized approach for developing leadership skills and improving job performance. The survey combines feedback from direct reports, peers, supervisors, and others who
work with your leaders to measure performance across eight key management competencies. It can be used to identify talents and talent gaps and build personalized development plans.

How Does the CheckPoint 360° Survey Work?

At the start of the process, managers and leaders complete an online self-evaluation to gain a full understanding of their leadership capabilities across eight key management and leadership competencies and 18 key skill sets. People who have close interaction with the manager or leader, such as directly reporting employees, peers, supervisors, and colleagues, also provide feedback. Through an easy-to-interpret set of reports, both the individual being assessed and their supervisors receive data that can guide the improvement.

This brochure provides an easy-to-understand chart with additional informational and this comprehensive user's guide provides additional information that will help you get started.

The survey takes approximately 15 minutes for each participant to complete. The following comprehensive reports are available after participants have completed the survey: 

All PXT Select products are delivered electronically via an Access Code emailed to you after purchase. Taking the survey is as easy as clicking the link in the email and entering the code.