PXT Select™ Assessment


Making the wrong talent decision hurts. By providing reliable, objective, and accurate data, the PXT Select™ assessment allows your organization to hire and engage productive
employees with confidence. As a “full person” assessment, it measures how well an individual fits specific jobs by assessing their Cognitive Ability, Behavioral Traits, and
Interests. The tool can be used for hiring, onboarding, coaching and development, team design, and succession planning.

Individuals can use this assessment for career planning. Share it with your manager or a mentor to guide your development plans.

During checkout, in the Notes field, specify the primary job/role "Performance Model" to use to generate your reports as well as up to 3 additional Performance Models to compare your results. Reference this Performance Model Library.

Individuals purchasing this product will receive the following PXT Select Reports:

  • Individual Feedback Report
  • Individual Graph
  • Leadership Report
  • Comprehensive Selection Report for the primary Performance Model
  • Coaching Report for the primary Performance Model
  • Multiple Positions Comparison Report for the 3 additional Performance Models specific

Coaching and additional reports will incur additional fees.

For organizations wanting to use the PXT Select suite to for Selection, Leadership Development, Succession Planning, and Employee Development, schedule a call with us to discuss your needs before or after placing your order.

Download these helpful resources to learn more:

PXT Select Brochure

PXT Select Quick Reference Guide 

Comprehensive Selection Sample Report

The Job Fit Journal: How to Select the Right Person for the Right Role to Maximize for Success

Identifying the Components of an Effective Leader: Unpacking the PXT Select™ Assessment Leadership Report