Step One Survey®


Hire Employees You Can Trust

Employee fraud and theft robs American businesses of over $50 billion annually—negatively impacting their bottom line.

When organizations need help identifying people who are less likely to steal, be dishonest, and have questionable tendencies, they are choosing the Step One Survey. This
powerful assessment provides insightful information that businesses can use for hiring employees who are honest, reliable, and hardworking. By measuring an individual’s
basic work-related values early in the candidate selection process, this tool helps find the right people to contribute to a company’s success—not jeopardize its future.

Download these helpful resources to learn more about the Step One Survey:

The following comprehensive reports are available after participants have completed the survey:  

All PXT Select products are delivered electronically via an Access Code emailed to you after purchase. Taking the survey is as easy as clicking the link in the email and entering the code.